1 on 1 Soccer


About The Game

Don’t you partake in the straight-forward athletic duels on the field? In 1 on 1 Soccer, you get to go head to head against another player (Computer or genuine) in a 2 player football match. Face the ball to kick it across the field. Hop up in the air to move the ball with your head, or to just remain on your rival’s. A match just keeps going five minutes. In no time, you’re tingling for a rematch.

The simple interactivity makes this soccer match fun and habit-forming. Snatch your closest companion and play a duel to discover who can deal with the ball better. Point into your rival’s objective and attempt to keep it as distant as conceivable from your own. What are you sitting tight for? Have a good time with those interesting-looking figures in 1 on 1 Soccer, on the web, and free of charge on Silvergames.com!